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As you enter foyer of an elegant home, the first thing will see is the beautiful and intricate source of brilliance in the center – Chandeliers and Shades. This central attraction of the room leaves you in wonder and astonishment. If you want to create a similar impression on your visitors when they enter your home, then you should get a chandelier.

Chandeliers are lighting fixtures, which commonly hang by the ceiling and illuminate your room while also decorating it. They are essentially a rod which branches into several arms elegantly, and atop these arms is a light source. The chandelier lamps are mostly covered with shades which diffuse the light from the chandeliers and add to their beauty. These lighting fixtures not only give your room an adequate glow, but also enhance its appearance. If you are looking for lighting for your elaborately planned home, but don’t want to spoil the appearance of your home with unattractive light bulbs or florescent lamps, then chandeliers will surely cater your needs. Chandeliers are mostly used in dining rooms, foyer, and bedrooms, but you can hang them in any room you like. If you choose the right chandeliers and chandelier shades then the appearance of your room will surely improve instantly.

When choosing a chandelier one is flooded with innumerable options, which makes the process quite daunting. Nevertheless, use this comprehensive guide to get all the information you need to narrow down your choices and buy the best chandeliers and shades to add splendor to your home.

The beginning of chandeliers

During the fifteenth century, chandeliers were initially used in the house of medieval kings. They hung by the ceiling with a chain or a rope and were made of a wooden cross with spikes. Candles were pushed onto the spikes to light the rooms. Near the end of the fifteenth century, more sophisticated and illustrious chandeliers were designed and they were used for aesthetic needs as well. However, they were only found in churches and monasteries and they were also found in the homes of wealthy people which included nobility, clergymen and merchants.  Near the beginning of the eighteenth century even more exciting styles came into being which include the classical chandeliers with long curved arms. Crystal chandeliers were also developed within the eighteenth century. Artisans consistently innovated to develop many new and exciting chandelier designs, and various different styles and chandelier materials were formulated.

What to choose from?

Here are some different styles and designs that are available today. Choose a design that blends in with the overall interior of your room, and complete your room with a well suited lighting fixture.

Authenticate your room with Antique Chandeliers

If you just love the weathered and dulled metallic antiques, and you have archaic decorative pieces adorning your room, then an antique chandelier will perfectly complement your room’s decor.  These chandeliers follow the classical designs, which consist of two or more arms that elegantly curve upwards and end in a lamp. Some even have the crown pattern which consists of a ring of metal with lams on top. They come in many different finishes which include dulled brass, tarnished silver or even gold leaf, all of which add to the archaic look of the chandelier. Wrought Iron chandeliers and brass chandeliers can be found in antique designs, and they are also great choices for their amazing appearance and durability.  You can even find some genuine antique pieces which include gaslight chandeliers. However, they are quite expensive so you should get a reproduction to save money. These chandeliers usually avail candle stick lamps for ancient appearance, and you can even use dulled shades over it. Opal glass shades with a brown or gray tint are also used. Antique chandeliers are a little larger, so hang them in rooms with higher ceilings. Mount this ancient work of art in your room and give it a mysterious air which is visually pleasing as well.

Glimpse into medieval times with Vintage Chandeliers

The eighteenth century designs are used to make elaborate vintage chandeliers. These chandeliers generally have the same design and shape as antique chandeliers. However, the vintage chandeliers require different finishes. They are one of the most popular chandelier styles and they are found in a variety of materials. One can find polished brass chandeliers and bronze chandeliersin this style. Copper and steel also complement this style very well. The polished metal adds spectacular brilliance to your room and gives it an additional shine. This type chandelier has floral designs and elegant patterns carved on them, which make them even more pleasing. In addition to the glistening metal, glass ware and glass tear drops are also used to adorn these chandeliers. These chandeliers match rooms with that have furniture with ornate and floral designs and carved wooden furniture. Use the gold and silver shine of these chandeliers to give your home a royal and illustrious look.

Vintage Crystal Chandelier

Feel like royalty with Victorian Chandeliers

Developed in the nineteenth century, a Victorian chandeliers design is still appreciated and availed all over the world. The chandelier arms also curve into attractive designs like the vintage chandeliers. These chandeliers have either antique finishes to give them a genuine appearance or one can also find them in chrome finishes. Some of them feature charming lamp shades to give shaded chandeliers. Beaded accents and glass teardrops are also used to decorate these chandeliers. The metallic part of the chandelier is often molded to give charming flower like shapes. Use Victorian candle chandeliers for even more elegance and grace. This chandelier will make a stunning addition to your room, but for some interiors this style can be too intricate so make sure to choose wisely.

Add color with Capodimonte Chandeliers

For a romantic and charming look for your lighting fixture, capodimonte chandeliers are another option. Invented after decades of experimenting, capodimonte porcelain is one of the highest standard pottery materials available. It can be easily molded to demonstrate Italian architecture, and it has a long life even after a long exposure to dust and heat. These chandeliers have the same style as Victorian chandeliers. These chandeliers are usually available in pleasant pastel colors which include shades of pink, blue, green, yellow etc. You can even match with the color of your wallpaper so that the chandelier blends well in the room. Fine floral patterns accent these chandeliers which give them a dreamy appearance. They look great in rooms with natural adornments, and they will complement your carefully grown garden. The maintenance of these chandeliers is very easy and they don’t need any polishing either. Give your room a sweet and amiable appearance with these elaborate artifacts.

Give your dining room a spectacular glow with Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Candle Chandelier

Want to dazzle someone with the interior of your dining room, then a crystal chandelier will make this job easier for you.

These stunning artifacts consist of crystals that elegantly drape down a metallic foundation. These chandeliers look amazing when the lamps are turned on, because the glow from the lamp passes through the crystals and refracts into beautiful hues and patterns. Crystal chandeliers are available in both traditional and contemporary style. The classical ones are structured similarly to Victorian chandeliers and they are larger in size. If you want a truly fairy tale look for your room, then choose the classical style crystal candle chandeliers.

The contemporary crystal chandeliers are available in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes, which include exciting galactic patterns which can add glow to your modern interior. When buying a crystal chandelier one must pay attention to the quality of the crystals. Higher lead content crystals emit a more brilliant sparkle.

Pay less for an opulent interior with Beaded Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are surely dazzling and brilliant, but they cost a lot. If you want your room to look equally grand and charming then beaded chandeliers is a cheaper alternative. These chandeliers can be found in numerous styles, designs and colors. The beaded chandeliers are made of a simple foundation with which strings of clear beads elegantly flow down. The most commonly used style of these chandeliers consists of a brilliant swags of bead that hang down a metallic ring. These rings are then hung together to form a tier structure. The beads used can be of almost any color. Match with your room’s interior to choose a color. Making your own beaded chandeliers can be very economical; one just needs swags of heat resistant beads.

Other fabulous styles to consider

Another chandelier style which has been running through centuries, Maria Theresa chandeliers feature curved lines and crystal ornaments. It consists of a metallic frame from which crystal pendants and swags of crystal beads drape down. These chandeliers make use of candle stick lamps for a more ancient look. These chandeliers have a traditional style, and can be too ornate for a modern interior.

A chandelier style that matches both traditional and contemporary setting, Tiffany chandeliers can add both color and elegance to your home. These chandeliers are characterized by colorful pieces of glass which are set together in beautiful patterns. For more classical design, the glass has floral patterns painted on them.

For a more natural and plain look one must use rustic chandeliers. They are mostly constructed using metal rods with dark color finishes, which branch out in unsophisticated, yet attractive patterns. The lamps mostly have tinted glass around them or have tan colored chandeliers shades over them. For even more natural look this style of chandelier can be made out of twigs or raw hide. Use the twig chandeliers or raw hide chandeliers to bring charm to forest lodges.

For all the different chandelier styles, shades can be used to add more style and colors to the chandelier and diffuse the light from the chandelier lamps for a more comfortable glow. Read on to gain complete knowledge on the variety of chandelier shades for choosing the best shades for your home decor.

Lamp shades for different lamp styles

Whatever the function of your lamp, lamp shades are essential to spread the light from the lamp, and also to ensure that the glow is not too glaring. Before getting a shade you should ascertain it is made for the type of lamp it would mount.

Table lamp shades should be placed on top of end-table lamps, smaller desk lamps, and bedside lamps. These shades are generally large and wide and have elaborate designs.

For floor lamps that illuminate the corner of your foyer make use of larger and elegant floor lamp shades.

If your floor or table lamp has a movable arm then make use of swing-arm lamp shades, which will remain stable no matter what the angle of the light socket.

To dramatically transform the appearance of your chandelier and to spread the light from it to illuminate your dining room, make use of the smaller sized and charming chandelier shades or candelabra shades. If you have a vintage style chandelier with candle shaped lamps, then make use of the narrower and gorgeous candlestick lamp shades.

With hanging lamp shades or pendant shades you can transform a plain and unappealing lamp to a beautiful and attractive chandelier. These shades are usually drum shaped and can make your room look stunning while also keeping it simple.

Shades shapes to harmonize your chandelier

Chandelier shades are available in a variety of different geometries; empire shadesare the most popular and versatile among them, and have been in use for centuries. They are narrower on the top so that they firmly rest over the chandelier lamp, and wider at the bottom to let light pass through them. These attractive shades will surely suit every chandelier style.

Chandelier shades

For better lighting bell shades offer a chic alternative to empire shades. Near the top the shade is quite straight but at the bottom it rapidly and elegantly curves outwards to form a bell like shape. They complement traditional style chandeliers very well.

A modern variation to the empire shades are the drum shades which are equally wide at top and bottom. They look great on contemporary and rustic chandeliers by adding more style to them. They are becoming increasingly fashionable as more modern lamp shade choice.

A slight but exciting variation to all the shade shapes are the mushroom pleated lamp shades. They consist of pleats that start at the top and fan out towards the bottom forming a charming pattern.

Choose shade material for the right illumination level

Lamp shades can be made out of several different materials. One of the most widely used and handy materials is fabric. Fabric lamp shades are available in linen, cotton, and silk. Different fabrics give unequal levels of glow to the room depending on their opacity. There is no limit to the different shapes fabric lamp shades can take.

Paper lamp shades are also commonly used. They are less expensive and they also let adequate amount of light through them. However, they are hard to clean because water can damage them.

Having a rustic and natural appearance, rawhide lamp shades will spread a comfortable glow in your bedrooms. They are generally darker in color, therefore they screen more light.

Ceramic lamp shades are elegant and graceful, and if chosen well they seem like a part of the chandelier. They also have charming designs and patterns accenting them. You can make a plain chandelier fancy with these delicate shades.

To add more glamor to your lamps make use of feather lamp shades. They are made of artificial feathers attached to a fabric. They are suitable for bedrooms and dining room.

Choosing the right chandelier

Now that you have complete knowledge on different chandelier and chandelier shades, you are ready to choose the right chandelier for your rooms. There are three main considerations you should keep in mind which are style, size and lighting. Based on the overall outlook and theme of your room choose a style for your chandelier. Make use of the features of different chandelier styles mentioned in this guide. You must also carefully choose the size of the chandelier of your room so that it does not seem like a misfit or end up being dangerously low. Measure the dimensions of your room and choose the range of length and diameter for your chandelier. Seek expert advice if you can’t decide. You should also pay attention to the level of lighting the room requires. For more lighting chose chandeliers with larger number of arms and that can withstand higher wattage lamps. With these three factors checked you will surely choose the best chandelier.  For choosing shades to complement your chandelier, you should decide the style, color, material and most importantly the size of the shade you choose. The style and color must match with your chandelier. Choose a material that is durable and gives you the required illumination. To get correctly sized shades measure the size of the chandelier lamp and choose the shade with dimensions that will fit the lamp.

Where to buy?

Now that you know the traits you are looking for in your chandelier, buying the perfect chandelier is much easier. To buy a chandelier you can go to your nearest lighting store and see if they offer chandeliers from well-known brands. Moreover, there a number of online stores that offer fabulous chandeliers, and that will deliver the chandelier to your home and at times install it for you as well. Also, the online stores sometimes offer great deals on chandeliers that can help you save a lot of money. Although buying online is quite convenient, but seeing the physical chandelier will help you make a better decision. There are number of high quality brands available in the market. Some of the best brands include Cyan Design, Crystorama, Elk Lighting, James R. Moder, Murray Feiss, Progress Lighting, Quoizel Lighting, Landmark Lighting, and many more. Most of these brands offer excellent shades as well. You can visit the brand website to view their catalogs and make the best selection.

Tips to install your chandelier

The steps taken to install a chandelier depend on its weights; you should read the manufacturer’s manual for special instruction before installing the chandelier. When installing the chandelier make sure to switch off the power supply to the lighting circuit by using the controls in main electrical panel. Put together the chandelier, except the bulbs and shades, as per manufacturer’s instructions and resize the chain that hangs the chandelier to the desired length. After this get the screw collar loop from the chandelier’s mounting hardware and attach it to the chain and also screw the lock nut to it. Thread the chandelier cable through the screw collar loop and the nipple and fasten the nipple to the screw collar loop. Screw the nipple into the cross bar which is a strip of metal. Join the cross bar and the electrical box using the screw provided. Now the chandelier has been mounted, one only needs to make the electrical connections. Make use of wire connectors to join the black wire in electrical box to the smooth from the chandelier and join the white wire to the ridged chandelier wire. Now screw the canopy around the electrical box to hide the wiring. Now you are ready to screw the chandeliers lamps and mount them with chandelier shades.

Maintain your chandeliers for long-lasting glamor

To ensure that the chandeliers retain their shine and brilliance for long, you should pay meticulous attention to the cleaning of the chandelier. One should clean the chandelier regularly, at least twice a month. Turn off the chandelier power supply. To clean the metallic part of the chandelier take a soft microfiber cloth and dip it in a mixture of gentle soap and water. Gently rub the metallic parts with the moist cloth and then dry it using a soft dry cloth.


To clean the crystal parts make a three to one solution of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol or ammonia. Put the solution in a spray bottle and sprinkle it over the crystals avoiding the metallic parts and light bulbs. If your chandelier has gotten too dirty or is old then you need to go through a rigorous cleaning session; dismount the chandelier and wash the crystals with the crystal cleaning solution and apply sealants to the metallic parts to prevent them from tarnishing.