Accessories to Secure Chandelier Lamp Shades

Accessories to Secure Chandelier Lamp Shades

Shades that sit on your chandelier lamps diffuse the light from them into a more comfortable and warm glow. In addition, using shades you can easily update the appearance of your home at a very low price. Most shades come with hardware to fit the shades on the lamp, but you may need to replace the fitter if it doesn’t complement with your chandelier lamps. Additional accessories are available to vary the height and enhance the appearance of chandelier lamp shades.

Chandelier Lamp Shades

The Types of Fitters to Secure Shades:

A fitter is used to connect the shade to the lamp. Lamp shades come with three different types of fitters; choose the right one depending on the size and height of the bulb.

Spider: This fitter consists of three wires extending from the edge of the upper hole of the shade at equal distances. The wires connect at the centre of the hole where it sits on the harp. The harp is made of a stiff metallic wire that attaches to the lamp sockets from both ends and surround the globe of the lamp from two sides. The spider fitter is then threaded on the pinnacle of the harp. The fitter is then secured with a finial.  The length of the harp determines the height of the shade above the base. Harps range between 7” to 12” in half inch increments. Chandelier lamp shades with spider fitter should be used with larger lamps.

UNO: This type of fitters consists of three, thin metal rods spreading out from the upper edge of the shade and meeting in the center where there is a metallic ring. There are two kinds of UNO fitters- slip and threaded. The slip-UNO fitters sit on the socket and are secured by the bulb. These fitters are used for upward facing bulbs. On the other hand, the bulb is screwed into the threaded UNO fitters. This type is ideal for downward facing lamps.

Clip-on: The shades with these fitters consist of a clip that can be attached to the globe of the bulb or candle-stick lamp. These fitters are ideal for chandelier lamp shades that are usually smaller in size. These fitters are best for candelabra lamps that have a narrower shape.

Finials to Secure Spider Fitters:

Most shades come with spider fitters. The fitter’s center is threaded into the bulb’s harp, which is then secured from above by screwing in a finial. The finial can extend above the upper hole of the shade, so it must be beautiful and appealing. It must complement your chandelier. There are varieties of colors, shapes and materials of finials available. One can find crystal finials that may consist of circular, diamond, teardrop or various other shapes of crystals lying on top of a metal base. These glamorous finials work best for crystal chandelier lamp shades. One can find brass finials as well to adorn brass chandeliers. These finials are molded into pleasing shapes which range from plane rods with designed carved on the surface or shapes of leaf, bow, shell, butterfly, etc. These finials are ideal for traditional or antique chandelier lamps. One can also find finials that are made of pewter, wrought iron or even sea shell.

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