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What is a Beaded chandelier shade?

What is a Beaded chandelier shade?

Have you ever seen lamp and type of chandeliers with beautiful beads covering it or dangling from its base? These attractive shades are known as beaded chandelier shades.Giving an elegant look to their environment these shades are available in many forms and varieties. These shades will not only perform their basic functions well, they will alsoContinue Reading

Dress your Beaded Chandeliers to Impress your Loved Ones!

It is your wedding day, and a glorious stage has been set for you and your life partner to make your vows. Right at the centre of the stage is a beautiful, lustrous beaded chandelier with streams of glass beads elegantly running down it and white silk fans out from the top of the chandelierContinue Reading

Turn your room into a ballroom with Beaded Chandeliers

Are you looking for the ideal chandelier for you room? Are you finding it very confusing to select the best chandelier for your home? If yes, then we can help you in finding the right chandelier that can meet your requirements and it will add the value to your house. Most of the people don’tContinue Reading