Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers for discriminating eyes

Standing quite far off from the dining hall, there is a spectacular glow in center of the room whose sparkling brilliance arouses your curiosity, makes you shuffle and attracts you so much that you cannot stand still without having a closer look. On closer observation, you find an intricately designed crystal chandelier right in the middle of the room, with sparkling crystals elegantly hanging down it, which refract light to form a brilliant hue of colors.  Need to awe your visitors like this, then a crystal chandelier is the perfect fixture for your home.

Traditional and modern

When one thinks of a crystal chandelier, one often imagines a large chandelier hanging down a ballroom ceiling, with an eighteenth century classical design.  However, it is a common misconception that these light fixtures are available only in traditional design and do not match with the modern styles. These wonderful crystal chandeliers also exist in modern styles, and they can even add splendor to a variety of modern backgrounds.

Contemporary crystal chandeliers exist in a variety of styles, sizes and metallic finishes. One of the most common shapes they are available in is a galactic shape. This style is quite innovative; the chandelier is often narrow and long, with crystals hanging down it in a beautiful galactic pattern. These crystal pendants are also available in drum shapes, which are quite simple in design, but crystals arranged in these shapes have the most spectacular brilliance.  One can also find these chandeliers in rectangular shapes, which give them a modern appearance, which fits well in almost any setting.

Hang them anywhere

Since these chandeliers can be found in a variety of sizes, you can hang them in almost any room including your bedrooms, foyer or even your kitchen or bathroom. This will add elegance to your home, and will give it an illustrious royal look. These chandeliers can have four, six, twelve or sixteen lights, and you can choose from any of these options depending on the size of the room and the amount of lighting it requires.

Quality of Crystals

When getting a crystal chandelier, you must also pay attention to the quality of crystals and the metallic finish it uses. A crystal gives a better glow and color refraction if the amount of lead content in it is high.” 30% full lead crystal” is one of the highest standard crystals. These crystals have a breathtaking sparkle that will surely brighten your room. It is difficult to make crystals with high lead content, so the highest possible lead content available is about 35%. Contemporary crystal chandeliers are available in a range of metallic finishes. Usually, they are finished using polished chrome or silver leaf, which gives additional shimmer to the chandelier. Some of them even have gold plated finish, which gives them a royal look and adds some contrast to the chandelier.

If one chooses wisely from this large variety of contemporary crystal chandelier, one can surely find a crystal chandelier that fits well with any background in the house.

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