Crystorama Chandeliers -Showcase a Bit of History at Home

Crystorama Chandeliers -Showcase a Bit of History at Home

If you are looking for a way to illuminate your home while also keeping its ornate and illustrious appearance, then you must get a chandelier. These ceiling fixtures will not only give your rooms a brilliant glow, but they will also enhance their beauty and outlook. There are number of great chandelier manufacturers in the market, but Crystorama has one of the most rich heritages and impressive quality in chandelier production.

Crystorama Chandelier

Crystorama Chandelier

History of Crystorama:

Alexander Kleinberg had a strong fervor for art and design, which was derived from his observation of different cultures during his travels around the world. Crystorama Lighting, which is a product of his dedication to art and inspiration, was established by him in Brooklyn, New York in 1958. In the beginning the company produced world-class crystal chandeliers. The genuine crystals were imported straight from Bohemian, using which the company produced a superior array of Crystorama chandeliers.

The company made use of full hand cut crystal, intricately crafted metal, and hand chased casts to make chandeliers that stood out among other brands present at that time. Over the past 70 years, Crystorama has worked with the international community of designers to constantly add innovative designs and patterns to their chandeliers. Nevertheless, Crystorama has been using their molds from the past to maintain their spectacular classical collection.   

Crystorama chandeliers now include an opulent collection of brass, iron, and glass chandeliers as well, which feature both modern and traditional styles. With its long experience in chandelier designs and production, Crystorama is one of the most reliable brands to consider.

Crystorama Classical Collections for Your Grand Dining Room:

One can find a wide assortment of classical designs at Crystorama, which have been derived from several different cultures all over the world. The chandeliers have been designed for a royal and illustrious appearance, and they will surely add glamour and splendor to your home.  Here are some collections to consider:

Traditional Crystal Collection: This collection features authentic wood polished crystals. The crystal beads drape down from the mounting rod of the crystals, which also include teardrop crystals hanging downwards. The elegant glass arms curve upwards with amazing grace and end in candlestick lamps for a classical look. The Crystorama chandeliers have chrome or polished brass finish for a spectacular shine.

Envogue: If you need a chandelier that is purely white without any contamination from any other color, then you should consider this fabulous Crystorama collection. The chandeliers are made of white glass and have a wet white finish; therefore everything from the mounting chain to the candlestick lamps are plain white.

Majestic Collection: The collection provides an assortment of empire chandeliers. The design consists of two brass ornate rings; swags of crystal beads drape down from the upper ring to the wider ring below. Below the lower ring conical crystals form a tier structure. These Crystorama chandeliers are ideal for a royal and historical look.

This brand offers several other fabulous collections. You can view them online by visiting Crystorama official website.

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