Difference between Traditional Chandeliers and Contemporary Chandeliers

Looking for a way to light your intricately designed dining room, foyer, and bedrooms, but do not want to ruin the appearance of your room with unsightly tube lights and light bulbs, nothing but a carefully chosen chandelier will cater your need for aesthetics along with adequate glow and sparkle in your room.

Match the overall style of the room

One way to choose a chandelier is to match it with the overall style of your room. If the room has wooden furniture with beautifully carved designs, large classical paintings and antique decorative pieces then you should opt for traditional chandeliers to add elegance to your room. On the other hand, if your room has visually light furniture made of darkened wood or polished metal, with angular metallic decorative and works of modern art, then a contemporary chandelier is an essential for the room.

How to differentiate

Traditional and contemporary chandeliers have several differences. This lustrous center piece is the first object of attention in the room; therefore you should be able to discriminate between these two types of chandeliers.  The traditional and contemporary chandeliers are generally made of different materials, and the artwork in traditional chandeliers is unlike the designs in contemporary chandelier.

Traditional chandleries are mostly finished using brass, which is either unpolished to give it a burnished classical appearance or it is polished to add luster to the room. Wrought iron, tarnished silver, or old bronze finishes are also used, which gives the chandeliers an archaic look to fit with the antique style of the room. They are found in a variety of styles, which have been adding brilliance to rooms since the eighteenth century, and include Italian, French and Bohemian designs.  The arms of the chandeliers are usually curled charmingly with either shades or candle cups atop, and are complemented with strings of beads draping down it, or teardrop glass hanging down the chandelier. To further beautify these chandeliers, elaborate floral patterns are also used. These ceiling mounted fixtures not only enhance the style of your room, but also provide a warm yellow glow in your room, sufficiently illuminating every other object in the room.

For a room with a modern style, a classical chandelier will be an anomaly, therefore you must choose from contemporary chandeliers to perfectly complete your room. There is no limit to the design patterns used in these chandeliers, and the designs are imaginative, innovative and often have artistically interesting shapes and  patterns. Most of these chandeliers have polished chrome finishing, giving them a lustrous white glow, but some are also finished using hand-rubbed bronze or wrought iron. They are often adorned with white opal glassware or elegant silk shades. Being more angular and geometric in shapes, you can find some fascinating shapes in this variety of chandeliers. Some of them are shaped like disco ball, spider’s web and some are even galactic in shape.  These chandeliers are also available in smaller sizes, and compact shapes, therefore they can be used if the room lacks the space for a traditional chandelier.

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