Dress your Beaded Chandeliers to Impress your Loved Ones!

It is your wedding day, and a glorious stage has been set for you and your life partner to make your vows. Right at the centre of the stage is a beautiful, lustrous beaded chandelier with streams of glass beads elegantly running down it and white silk fans out from the top of the chandelier to the bottom. The stage is set for your fairy tale wedding, just like you had imagined. The beaded chandelier in the center is the main part of the wedding decoration which gave it a dreamy appearance.

Not a burden on your pocket

Beaded chandeliers are quite similar to crystal chandeliers; they both are equally elegant and versatile, but the former is much less expensive. So if you want to decorate your rooms with grandeur and charm then the beaded chandeliers are a cheap alternative to crystal chandeliers. These chandeliers are available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.

Framework of beaded chandeliers

These beaded chandeliers often consist of plain framework by which strings of clear beads drape down gracefully, and the pattern formed by the beads is quite romantic and elegant. There are number of designs available in beaded chandeliers. The most common one is in which swags of dazzling beads hang by a ring, to form a brilliant cylinder of beads. These rings of beads are often hooked together to make a tier structure for the chandeliers. This adds more style to this simple design, and it is often used to make large beaded chandeliers which are center pieces in spacious halls. Further modifications and innovations to these chandeliers can further enhance the attractiveness of these chandeliers. One of the most charming designs in beaded chandeliers is the spiral structure in which strings of different length are hooked to a circular frame to for an intriguing and magnificent pattern.

Types of beads

When the light passes through these chandeliers it is greatly diffused to form a comfortable glow and the chandelier itself produces a breathtaking luster. The beads used for these chandeliers must be heat resistant. The most commonly used beads are gleaming crystal beads, metallic silver beads and diamond cut beads, each of which irradiate spectacularly. LED beads are also used in dinner and party decorations to brighten up the night. The beads used can be of different colors. Beads of different colors can be used in same chandelier so that when light passes through it a brilliant hue of colors shine through it.

Make it yourself

Also, you don’t even need to buy a new beaded chandelier. You can just make one of your own costs effectively, following a few simple steps. You can dress up a plain chandelier at your home with sparkling stings of beads. String heat safe beads on to a metal wire, and decorate the swags on your current chandelier.  Choose the colors of beads that match well with the interior of your house. In this way, make an illustrious chandelier out of a plain one and awe your loved ones.

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