Drum chandelier shades – Have an imposing style

Drum chandelier shades – Have an imposing style

Drum Shade

Drum chandelier shades are mostly used for the purpose for covering larger sized bulbs. This type of chandelier are used to help get rid of the glare from these bulbs and make a warmer gentler environment in the room. They create such an environment by focusing the light from the bulb towards the top of the shape and its bottom making sure that the light that escapes the shade does not irritate the eye and sufficient light escapes through it.

Drum chandelier shades

As the name suggests drum chandelier shades are mainly shaped like a drum, meaning they are almost similar to cylindrical shades but the cylindrical shades are longer than the drum ones. This lesser length makes them appear short and stocky. Similarly there are more shape alterations available in drum chandelier shades which increase the amount of variety available. One of the alterations is bell drum shades where the sides are curving and another is known as modified drum shade where the top part is narrow.

Availability of drum chandelier shades

These types of shades are highly popular amongst the people due to their easy availability and large variety. Since these shades have a very large diameter it creates room for easy artwork and beautiful sketching. Meaning you will find anything from beaded drum chandelier shade to painted drum chandelier shades depending on what you are looking for. These shades are easily available both online and also at retailers. So you can even order a good drum chandelier shade even while sitting home.

Spread vibrant colors across the room with drum shades

Since the drum shape is very easy to make you will find that almost all shade materials can be used to make drum chandelier shades. Meaning you can find anything from metal drum shades to crystal drum shades. This further increases the amount of freedom you are given to chose and allows you to personalize your rooms according to your own wishes. So if needed you can use a metallic drum shade for outdoor use where durability is required or a crystal drum shade indoors to spread vibrant colors across the room.

Easily replace your drum chandelier shades

These drum chandelier shades are also comparatively easier to place on a chandelier bulb. This is because of their wider diameter that it becomes easier to screw the bulb inside of the shade. This makes it easier to place and remove the shade from top of the chandelier for cleaning and maintaining purposes. Similarly it becomes easier to remove a damaged shade from top of the chandelier when needed.

Style your drum chandelier shades

These chandeliers shades are widely famous for their styling, in history and also in current times. This is because of the wide variety of alterations available for it. Similarly if you plan on creating the design on a shade yourself, by painting or using beads, the drum chandelier shades give you a very large canvas to use. So you can be as creative as you want, paint sceneries or sketch animals it is very easy to put your imagination on the body of a drum chandelier. Thus you can impress both your family and your friends by your creativity.

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