Give your house a new look every day using Pendant Shades

Give your house a new look every day using Pendant Shades

Colored ShadeWant to illuminate your home, but are concerned that a chandelier would be too fancy for the interior, then pendant shades are the perfect choice for your home. With pendant shades you will have adequate glow in your rooms and the aesthetics of your home will also remain intact. With these hanging shades, you can easily illuminate your home and also enhance its beauty using range of outstanding colors and patterns available in pendant shades. Choose wisely from the huge variety of pendant shades available by matching it well with the overall interior of the room, and make your homes look spectacular and add individual style to them.

How to use pendant shades

A hanging shade is essentially a lamp that hangs by the ceiling with the chain or a rod, and you can place a pendant shade over it to diffuse and spread the light from the lamp, while also beautifying the lamp. One can decide to buy a hanging lamp, and later on get pendant shades to place over the lamp to add individual style to the interior, or one can also get drum shade chandeliers directly.

Advantages of using pendant shades

There are many advantages of using pendant shades. For one they are very easy to maintain- one does not need to go through vigorous sessions of cleaning and polishing, and only regular dusting does the job. There is no danger of them getting tarnished or breaking easily. If they do break, they can be easily replaced by removing the old shade from the hanging lamp and placing a new one over it. One does not need to replace the whole chandelier. Also, these shades are so easy to replace that one can get a collection of shades that match with his interior and change the look of the pendant lamp every day giving your home adding excitement  to your surroundings.

A large selection to choose from

The pendant shades are available in a large variety of shapes, designs and colors. The most common shape is the drum shape which matches well with almost any interior and is quite versatile. The drum shades are available in variety of heights and diameters. One can have a wider drum shade with shorter height, for room where ceilings are not too high and require good amount of lighting or one can make use of longer shades that are narrower to add some modern style to the room. The other commonly used shape is the spherical ball shape, which looks trendy in the middle of the room and often have magnificent designs printed on them. One can also find these shades in classical empire shape, bell shape or the more innovative rectangular shape. While mostly fabric is used to make these shades, these shades can also be made using cascades of shells or beads, which gives your room a fancier look.

When selecting a drum shade one should also pay attention to the amount of required lighting. For rooms that require more lighting, like kitchen or office, choose shades that can withstand higher wattage light bulb. If your need a more comfortable and warm glow in your room, you should get shades with diffusers to soften the glare from the lamp.


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