How to replace chandelier shades?

Chandeliers must have shades that are in perfect state and that match well with the interior. If that is not the case, instead of enhancing the appearance of the room, the room will end up looking unsightly.  If the chandelier shades in your house are broken, have gotten very dirty or look worn out, you must replace them. Moreover, at times if you are restyling your home, you can replace the shades to match the new interior, without having to change the whole chandelier.  When replacing the chandelier shades a few things should be kept in mind, so that your investment of time and money gives you the delightful results.

Decide the shape, color and design

The first step in replacing your chandelier shades is to decide which shape, color and design of shades you want. When making the selection, you must have the colors and designs of your chandelier and the overall style of the interior in your mind.  You can check various designs of shades online as well.

There are a variety of shade shapes to choose from. These include the traditional and elegant empire shades and the graceful coolie styles, which are shorter than the empire shades, and have much wider diameter. These shapes go well with traditional chandeliers, and the trendy drum shades are cylindrical and they offer charming variation to classical shades. In addition the angular rectangular and hexagonal shades make the interior of your room look modern and chic.

Different types of material

Moreover, there is an extensive range of materials these shades are available in. The most commonly used fabric for these shades is linen, because it is neatly woven which gives the shade an elegant look. These shades filter the light, to give a comfortable glow to the room. Other commonly used fabrics are cotton and silk, which are relatively opaque, giving a less brilliant glow. Leather is also used for shades, which can be matched perfectly with the furniture adding lavish to the appearance of the interior. Another one of the exciting shade materials is parchment paper. The shades made of parchment paper usually have bright, dazzling colors, and are lined with gold material inside which directs the light downwards. Shades are available in variety of colors. For rooms with traditional look you must choose shades with dull and elegant colors, but to add contrast to your chandeliers, you can choose bright colors. Shades are also available in prints, which can be used to add diversity to your room.

After you have selected a design for the shade, you must carefully measure the current shade to help you buy a shade that fits perfectly with your chandelier. The dimensions you are concerned with are the top and bottom diameters, the height of the shade and the vertical slant of the shade. If you are replacing with a shade of different shape, then adjust these dimensions accordingly.

With the exact dimensions you can now buy a new shade for your chandelier. If you are having a tough time deciding, then get some sample shades and try them on your chandelier.


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