How to Get Replacement Glass Chandelier Shades?

How to Get Replacement Glass Chandelier Shades?

Many chandeliers, including brass, wrought iron, crystal or capodimonte, come with gorgeous glass shades. These elegant opal or frosted glass shades are great at giving the chandelier a neat and beautiful appearance and giving your room a uniform illumination. However, glass is brittle and delicate and can break easily on impact. It may also get very dull, stained or scratched over time. It is highly likely that you will need to replace your glass chandelier shades, at least after a long time.

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Going to the Original Vendor is The Best:

If you face an untimely breakage of the shade then it is best to get the required number of shades from the original store. They may still sell the model you need. If you shade model is outdated and they don’t sell it anymore even then it will be easier to purchase the shade from them. They will have the dimensions of your chandelier and shades, and they can suggest you a brand new shade that will exactly complement your chandelier. For other stores you will need to specify everything correctly before you can get a shade that fits your chandelier.

Where Else Can You Purchase Glass Chandelier Shades?

If you don’t find the shade model from the original store then you should look around at other stores as well, you may find the shade you are looking for. It is best to check online stores like Amazon, eBay or other stores that specialize in chandeliers. You may be able to find your shade while sitting at your home. Check if the dimensions, color and material matches with your current shades. You can look for the shade at nearby home improvement or lighting stores as well.

If you don’t have any luck finding the original shade, then you should be on the look-out for new shades to fit your chandelier. There are many wonderful shapes and colors available in the market; choose the one that suits your chandelier and home decor. When purchasing the shade make sure that it will fit your chandelier lamp’s sockets.

Glass Chandelier Shades Options:

 While searching for the perfect glass shade you will be deluged by numerous amusing and innovative designs, shapes, materials and colors. Here are some of the styles to consider:

Globe: These are spherical in shape with almost equal sized circular openings above and below. The lower opening is screwed into the socket. The globe may not have an opening above. This is a very versatile style that complements all types of chandeliers.

Champagne Glass Shades: This is one of the most common style of glass chandelier shades. It is literally shaped like an elegant champagne glass. The glass can be either clear, frosted or tinted, and it may end in beautiful curves on the outer rim.

Cones: These conical shades are most commonly used with contemporary style chandeliers. They don’t only come in faded tints, but also in bright colors like green, red, blue, etc. They look great in a modern interior.

Tiffany: These stained glass shades contain combinations of vibrant colors and natural or angular patterns. These shades can turn you plain and simple chandelier into a piece of art that livens up your room.

One can find several other glass chandelier shades. Consider the shape and style of your chandelier before choosing a style.  

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