How to Install and care for chandelier shades

How to Install and care for chandelier shades

The chandelier shades not only make the naked bulb on a chandelier look elegant and stylish, they also perform the task of hiding the bulb and excess light from the eye. Why hide the bulb? It’s simply to prevent your eyes from coming into contact with the glare of the bulb. Why control the lighting in the room? To make the environment of the room seem more light and relaxing.

Care for chandelier shades

Care for chandelier shades

So if you want to install chandelier shade then follow this step by step guide:

1) Purchase a shade that suits your chandelier:

Do you need a stained glass shade, or a metal shade or does the cloth shade fulfills your requirement, knowing the answer to this is most important before you decide to purchase a shade. Keep in mind that once you install a shade, it has to withstand the heat of the electric bulb. So make sure you are buying the shade made from the right material to handle the heat from the bulb and avoid a disaster.

2) Remove the light bulb:

Before placing the shade on the bulb you will first have to remove it. This is because the “Gimble” type shades fit on the ring at the bottom of the light bulb and you will have to screw it properly. When removing the light bulb make sure that the power is switched off in order to avoid any threat of electric shock. If you bought a “clip on” shade then skip this step. And move on to install chandelier shade.

3) Install chandelier shade:

Pick up the shade and place it over the base of the electric bulbs socket. Screw tightly and then screw in the bulb once the shade has been placed. If you have a clip on shade then pick the shade up and push it on top of the bulb. It will almost instantly set in place.

Congratulations, following these tips you have gained the ability to install chandelier shade. Once you are finished with installation you will have to start caring for the shades after regular intervals. This is due to the high wear and tear the shade has to face due to the heat of the light bulb and the dust that collects over them. So follow this simple guide to care for your chandelier shades.

1) Dust the shades after regular intervals. This will save your shade from getting a very thick coating of dust that might require other methods of removal.

2) Try using you vacuum cleaners brush attachment to clean them. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner you can also use canned air.

3) If a stain or a dirt mark appears on the shade take a cloth, dip it in soap water and then rub the mark gently. For safety purpose it is better to first remove the shade from the chandelier. Once cleaned follow the steps from the Install chandelier shade guide to install it again.

Do not wash fabric lamp shades. This is because the fabric shades are held in shape with glue joining its two ends, on washing the glue will dissolve and the shade ruined.

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