Illuminate your homes with Empire Shades!

Most chandeliers, whether they are contemporary or traditional, need a shade on top of the bulb. A shade is an essential for many chandelier designs and without a proper shade the chandelier will lose its splendor and elegance. If shades are not used, the light from the bulbs will be too glaring, which will spoil the elegant appearance of your interior and will be uncomfortable to anyone in the room. A shade helps diffuse the light emitted by the bulb, and the chandeliers then gives out a warm, comfortable glow.

Chandeliers with shades

If you decide to buy chandeliers with shades, there would be a suggested set of shades that goes well with the chandelier design. However, you can choose to get more creative and individualistic, and pick a shade design that meets the needs of your interior. The chandelier shades are available in variety of styles and sizes. One of the most popular and commonly used shades is the empire shade, which matches well with a wide range of interiors.

Old is gold

The empire shades are one of the oldest kinds of shade, and they have been in use since the eighteenth century. They not only efficiently serve the purpose of providing a warm brilliance in the room, but they also fit well with a variety of chandeliers enhancing their charm. A carefully chosen empire shade can make the chandelier and the interior of the room look spectacular.

Types of empire shades

Different types of empire shades have the same general design. Generally, near the upper hole of the lamp shade is a three wire spider web grid, which nicely stabilizes the shade over the chandelier bulb. The shade opens downwards, nearly forming a cone at the bottom. A number of variations have been added to the classical empire shades.

Structure of the shade

The traditional empire shades have a set of six to eight side wires, to support the structure of the shade, and the wires are usually piped using fabric to add neatness to it. Some of these shades are also pleated around the outer surface which adds more style to them. Another empire shade design includes V-pleats, which has pleats that fan out from bottom to top. In addition to being elegant, these V-pleat shades look more trendy and attractive.

Different kind of fabrics used

Many different kinds of fabric are used to make these shades. Linen is one of the most commonly used fabrics. The linen fibers give the shades a natural pattern, which looks even more elegant when the light form the bulb passes through it. Cotton and silk are also used. The shades can be plane or pleated. For traditional chandeliers with shades, the color of the fabric often matches the color of the metal finishing and is often dull and rustic. Whereas in contemporary chandeliers, the fabric color can very bright, and can be in contrast with the colors of the metallic finishing, for example one can have bright red fabric on a black chandelier. The empire shade fabric is also available in prints, which can be used to add more style to the chandelier.



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