Is the weight of metal worth its weight for chandelier shades?

Is the weight of metal worth its weight for chandelier shades?

Chandelier shades provide more than one function in a regular household. They not only control the lighting of the room, they also enhance the charm and beauty possessed by a chandelier. Metal chandelier shades are one of the most commonly used type of chandelier shades. Even though metal is a non luminous material the sturdy nature of the metal gives designers a free hand in designing a truly artistic shade.

Match metal chandelier colors with the walls of the room

Metal chandelier shades

Metal chandelier shades

Metal chandelier shades are more known for their artistic value. The surface of the metal can easily be altered by painting it in unique colors or fixing beads and crystals into the shade’s surface. Metallic paints provide a color not attainable by other types of paint; this gives uniqueness to the appearance of the metal chandelier shade. Thus you can attract the gaze of your guest by using bold and shiny metallic paints that match with the walls of the room. You can also try utilizing the paints to gain a rustic or antiquated look for the shades to go perfectly with your old copper or brass chandelier.

Withstand high temperature

These metal chandelier shades can withstand high temperature. They do not get burnt or gain any permanent burn marks. This characteristic of these shades allows you to avoid a great fire hazard and thus these shades provide a safer environment for your family.

Protection of your outdoor lamps

Certain types of metal chandelier shades are also utilized for the protection of outdoor lamps and light. This is because metal is a very brittle and strong material that does not break easily. This way not matter how many time it gets hit it will not break and neither will it allow the light bulb to break. So you and your family can easily play any sport outdoors without any worry of damaging the outdoors lamp or light.

Add flavour to metal chandelier shade

Metal can also be easily molded into different shapes and forms. This characteristic greatly increases the variety of metal chandelier shades available in the market. So you can expect to find any shape between cylindrical to drum etc. Similarly when scouting for a metal shade you will also see a variety of unique shapes limited to only this material. These unique shaped shades are mostly expensive but they perform the purpose of increase the complexity in design of an already complex chandelier or adding some flavor to a plain chandelier shade.

Wide variety of metal chandelier shade

When looking to buy metal chandelier shades you will not only be able to find a wide and exclusive variety at a retailer, you will find an even wider range of shades available online. So with this chandelier shade material you are allowed to reach even the furthest peaks of your imagination as these shades can provide any type of look from plain to extravagant. Similarly you can even try to personalize the shades by the utilization of cheap metallic paints available quiet commonly. If the shade gets dirty you can use a metal cleaning liquid to add a new shine to it as many time as possible, as metal will not get worn out from over cleaning like cloth etc.

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