Keep Things Simple- Make Your Very Own Drum Shade Chandelier?

Keep Things Simple- Make Your Very Own Drum Shade Chandelier?

Chandeliers are lighting fixtures which illuminate your home while also decorating it. These fixtures can be quite expensive, and at times they don’t match with casual or modern interiors. To adorn your room with the elegance and charm of a chandelier while also keeping the decor of your room simple you can make use of a drum shade pendant lamp. You can get a ready-made drum shade chandelier from a store that will cost $100 to $1000, but these beautiful fixtures are so simple that you can make one yourself very cheaply.

Get a Stylish Drum Shade:

Drum shades are characterized by their cylindrical shape. The cylinder can have any diameter and height. Shorter drums with wider diameter are ideal for better lighting. Choose the height and diameter according to the size of the room and the object the chandelier will illuminate. A wide drum shade will not look good in a small room. Also, a longer shade may end up being too low for the room and its decor. Carefully choose the dimensions of the shade for your drum shade chandelier.

You can purchase a drum shade from any lamp store or you can restore an old shade that you already own.  Make sure the color, design and material match with the overall aesthetics of your home. To replace the covering of the old shade use a knife to carefully remove the fabric or paper. Cut out the desired material for your shade using the styrene from the old shade. Styrene keeps the shape of the shade. Glue the styrene and the fabric or paper together making sure that there are no folds or bumps.

Drum Shade

Attach the Drum Shade Chandelier at the Chose Location:

Once you have your drum shade ready, you can hang it over your existing chandelier or you can get a swag light wiring from any store and make a pendant drum shade.

If you have an old chandelier that has become outdated or lost its glamour, you can simply adorn it with a suitable drum shade to give it more appeal. The drum shade mostly consists of a UNO fitter which can be threaded into the rod of you current chandelier at the desired height. It is quite common to use a drum shade such that the lower part of the chandelier sticks out of the shade.   

If you don’t have a chandelier, then you should get swag light wiring which consists of a cord with the bulb’s socket at one end and ceiling attachment hardware at the other end. Attach the cord to the wiring in the ceiling. Be careful when choosing the length of the cord that hangs down from the ceiling. Place the UNO fitter at the socket and screw the bulb into the socket to secure the shade. Now you can turn on the power and enjoy the brilliance of your fabulous new drum shade chandelier.

With these simple steps you do not have to invest in an expensive chandelier; using this affordable pendant lamp you can illuminate your home while also maintaining and enhancing its beauty.   

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