Mount Your Home with Lustrous Elegance in Budget with a Quoizel Chandelier

Mount Your Home with Lustrous Elegance in Budget with a Quoizel Chandelier

If you are looking for chandeliers to enhance the beauty of your interior then you must consider a Quoizel chandelier. Quoizel is a brand that keeps both the practical and decorative aspects of its products in mind designing glamorous fixtures that will serve your lighting needs effectively.

Quoizel Chandelier

Quoizel Chandelier

The Beginning of Quoizel:

In 1930 Quoizel was started as a small business in New York. It offered quality products to its customers and quickly expanded into one of the top manufacturers of lighting fixtures in the US. In 1964 the business moved to South Carolina where it is operating in a 50,000 square-foot world class facility.  Although Quoizel has seen tremendous success, it still remains a family owned and operated business to continue to serve its customers with equal dedication and to develop strong relationships with them.

Why Quoizel Chandelier Collection is one of The Best?

One of the major aspects that set apart Quoizel among the pack is its focus on the functionality of its product. It avoids relying on fashion trends when designing its products. The fixtures are planned with the needs of the customers in mind. Quoizel even offers a wide array of pendant shades which are not only beautiful, but complement rooms like kitchen, study, lounge, etc. where significant amount of lighting is needed.

Another great feature of Quoizel is that it offers high-quality products in all price ranges. A Quoizel chandelier can cost between $200 to over $1000. It offers a commendable variety of fixtures that cost less than $500 making them affordable. Quoizel DK5005TM is one of the exceptional designs that cost only $350. This chandelier is made of charming loops of metal arms that will surely keep you captivated for a lifetime. Because of Its sleek design and a Teco Marrone finish it can be mounted in any setting. You can find other outstanding Quoizel models in affordable price ranges.

The variety of Quoizel designs is enormous; one can find elaborate empire shades that will even work in a medieval castle or a fixture that will elegantly light up an informal, tiny kitchen. EP 5012BO is a European design featured in the 2010 catalog. This empire shades and chandelier comes in Bolivian Bronze finish and features dew-drops of crystals flowing elegantly downward to a wide base. Below the lower base there is a semicircular structure built out of larger crystals. This illustrious chandelier will awe your loved ones and guests. One can also find a variety of down lighting Quoizel chandeliers to provide bright illumination to carry out your every-day tasks.

Where to Buy a Quoizel?

Many online stores like Amazon or eBay offer a wide collection of Quoizel fixtures. Using these online stores one can find amazing discounts on them. Other online stores that specialize in selling lighting fixtures also offer Quoizel. To find an offline distributor and retailer visit Quoizel official website and click “Find a Retailer” icon which can be found at the bottom of the homepage. Select your location from the map or the drop down list on the right. You will find a list of all the trusted Quoizel chandelier retailers near your home.

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