Raise the Impact of Your Lighting Fixture with Black Chandelier Shades

Raise the Impact of Your Lighting Fixture with Black Chandelier Shades

Shades can have a tremendous influence on the appearance of your chandelier and interior, so you need to be careful when choosing the style and color of your shade. One can find shades in assortment of colors ranging from calm and serene pastels to bold and bright colors. One of the rising trends in the colors of chandelier shades includes the color black.

Why choose black chandelier shades?

Black Chandelier Shades

Black Chandelier Shades

Black is popular as an extremely versatile color that suits with and complements every other shade or tint. So, if you are having trouble deciding the color of shade for your chandelier whether it has a gold, silver, antique or brown finish then a black shade will surely work well with it. When it comes to contemporary chandeliers there is no limit to the hue of colors they have. One can find them in blue, red, yellow, etc; black shades will still suit them really well and enhance their beauty.

One can also use black to add some amazing contrasts to the interior of their home. Contrasting colors will grab attention and add excitement to your home decor. Imagine that you have a polished silver chandelier; the use of black chandelier shades will balance out its brilliance and vividness.

No color is better in giving definition to the boundaries of any object than black. The use of it around any piece of art makes the shapes and design on it stand out. By using black shades someone from quite far off will be able to judge the style and intricacy of the chandelier. This will enhance the beauty and appeal of your home.

The color black works really well with the modern interiors. The modern style homes make use of compact and black furniture. You will need black shades to complete your home. If you already have a black chandelier, then make use of printed black shades. Prints like checks or dots look great with plain black chandeliers.

Also, black shades will require much less maintenance as any dirt collecting on the shade cannot be seen on a black background.

Materials for Black Chandelier Shades:

Black shades are available in both fabrics and opaque materials like leather or parchment paper. The two varieties of material produce completely different effect.

The fabric shades can be found in cotton, linen or silk. They are not completely opaque and give out light from all sides. When black fabric is used the light is filtered to produce a beautiful and uniform glow in your room. Also, when the light is turned on you can find a very obvious bright spot emitting light from all directions. This looks wonderful, and makes your chandelier look much more brilliant and impressive.

Leather or parchment paper shades are not transparent at all. They completely hide the bulb even when it is turned on. They are great at directing light downwards. The inner surface of paper black chandelier shades are lined with gold or silver foil which reflects light so that the objects directly below it receive the highest level of illumination. These shades are great when you need lighting for practical task like reading, writing, etc.

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