Sparkle your home with crystal chandelier shade

Sparkle your home with crystal chandelier shade

Do you want to add an ornate touch to your house? Use crystal chandelier shades and put an extravagant touch around your house. These chandeliers not only look beautiful, but are also very luxurious.

Crystal chandelier shades

Crystal chandelier shades

About crystal chandelier shades

Just like other shades the crystal chandelier shades also perform their purpose by hiding the eye from coming into direct contact with the bulb. Its glow lightens the atmosphere and creates a relaxing environment. Unlike other shades crystal chandelier shades allow the light to pass through its sides, but reduces intensity. This causes the shade to seem luminous and creates the feeling of having a small sun in your own room.

Durable and temperature resistant shade

These shades are greatly resistant to high temperature and are comparatively more durable than plain glass shades. So if you drop the crystal shade by accident the chances that it will break are quite lower than those of glass shades. Due to their high resistance to temperature they do not burn over time like fabric shades do and can easily be cleaned. They are also less likely to crack than glass shades as they are made to be thicker than them.

Different shades for different purposes

These shades are available in many styles and are mostly sold as stained crystal shades. This staining allows us to vary the glow of light that we want the shade to emit. So if you want the crystal chandelier shade to emit an orange glow just get an orange stained shade and enjoy. This is highly useful for bedrooms where a comfortable shade of light will allow you to sleep more easily. Similarly crystal chandelier shades that focus the intensity of a light at a point are highly recommended for use in studies where such lights are required.

From where to get these shades?

These type of shades are easily available online and also on retail shops. This easy availability makes them highly demandable for people. The range of prices depend on the quality of the crystal, meaning you can get a lower quality crystal chandelier shades at the prices of a cloth shades while a higher quality one will prove very expensive.  This wide range allows you to choose the shades according to your needs. Meaning for personal use you can place the shades that are cheaper in your room while place the expensive ones in the guest rooms and thus show off to your guest.

Easy cleaning of crystal chandelier shades

These shades are not that dust prone and incase they get dirty they can be easily cleaned by washing. This is because crystal is neither a water absorbing material and nor is it damaged by water. Similarly the crystal is a not coined by anything and is molded into a fixed shape. This feature makes them highly preferred over cloth shades which get ruined when washed as the glue holding it together is washed together with the dirt. These shades are highly recommended for people who want to escape from the daily chore of cleaning their chandelier shades and want to only bother with them once a week or month.

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