Types of Chandeliers – All That You Need to Know

Chandeliers come in various designs – from colorful tiffany chandeliers to simple yet elegant drum design. They are also available in many materials from basic textile designs to more stylish crystal chandeliers. This is not all you can find then in various sizes and colors. This is all hardly the start. This guide is put together to introduce you to different types of chandeliers.

Glass chandeliers are by far the most used and sometimes aesthetically abused chandeliers. These chandeliers use the ability of glass to shine in ways to enhance the bright lights enclosed in it. These chandeliers have the advantage that glass can be molded in various attractive designs. Designs are hardly the only way glass chandeliers can be presented. Glass can be colored for aesthetics or moods. Another major advantage of glass is that it is easy to maintain and clean.

Drum chandeliers are used in small areas such as bedrooms or other cozy spaces where you need focused light in a small space. These chandeliers and their shades get rid of hardness in light and provide a warm light. The advantages with these chandeliers is that they are easy to make, hence cheap to buy. They are the easiest to install and snap to replace.

Chandeliers don’t have to restricted with rigid structures. Beaded chandeliers hang and dangle with a base forming and morphing their shape as they move in gentle motions. They are made of cheap beads commonly used for several other purposes – such as cheap jewelry. These chandeliers provide a style that is hip and unparallel with other types of chandeliers.

Crystals have the remarkable property of sparkling in light. This makes them an obvious choice for use in crystal chandeliers. Unlike the drum chandelier or the beaded chandelier which tend to block and diffuse light, crystals in a chandelier let most of the light pass through and refract some light to create sparkle. These chandeliers can tolerate high temperatures making them an ideal choice for high intensity large area chandeliers. These chandeliers are easier to clean but they require a bit of time to get through all crystals.

Tiffany chandeliers are another popular type of chandeliers. They are available in many nature inspired themes. These themes include outdoor garden theme, flower themes and lake view theme among various others. These chandeliers are made of color glass pieces held together with copper foil. These chandeliers have a very bright design and they are made to catch eye wherever they are installed.

Some of the oldest materials used in chandeliers include brass. Brass is resistant to corrosion this gives Brass Chandeliers a long life. The only major drawback of a brass chandelier is its maintenance, they require regular polishing and cleaning to keep them in shape for a long period of time.

Born out of the art of pottery, capodimonte chandeliers have an aesthetic look unlike any other chandelier. Their construction requires a very labor intensive process. This also makes them somewhat expensive. These chandeliers have several arms that end with a narrow candle light and a distinct shade.

Victorian chandeliers have a majestic appeal to them. They have been popular in large areas , such as hotel lobby.

No matter what design or style you decide to go with. You will always find the need to install them or at least know how to put them up. Out chandelier installation and care section show you exactly how to do that.