Vintage Chandeliers illuminate your home distinctively

Chandeliers have transformed over the last five centuries. These days you can find the vintage chandeliers in the show cases of the museums around the world or in the antique shops. Today when we think of vintage chandelier the first thing that comes to our mind is the royal chandeliers of the ancient times. Every chandelier can’t be vintage because they need to have certain characteristic and elegance. If you want to add a vintage look to your home the first thing you should do is to add a vintage chandelier in your home. Vintage chandeliers should add warmth, elegance and a certain mood to your home.

Benefits of Vintage Chandeliers

There is an upward trend in the last few decades to decorate the homes with fancy decorations. Vintage chandeliers are unique, valuable, and functional. They offer many benefits and some of them are;

  1. Vintage chandelier can add a certain history to your house.
  2. Large vintage chandelier hanging from the ceiling creates a vintage theme in the house.
  3. Vintage chandeliers will add interest to your house.
  4. Vintage chandeliers are a status symbol of power and wealth.
  5. Vintage chandelier can be a source of inspiration.

Types of Vintage Chandeliers

There are many types available in vintage chandeliers including Candle chandeliers, Crystal chandeliers, Victorian chandelier, and the metal chandeliers. Candle chandelier shed light with the help of wax candles placed in the chandelier. Crystal chandeliers are the most liked type of vintage chandeliers. They offer bright colorful light and they are very expensive. Victorian chandeliers are the reproduction of the medieval era chandeliers and they offer a unique elegance. Metal chandeliers are made of different types of metals including steel, brass, copper and iron. They come in different finishes from shiny gold to very dull matte finish and the last forever.

Usage of vintage chandelier in the twenty first century

If you love finding more about the history you will love the vintage chandeliers. You can find great deal of information about the vintage chandeliers in the books, online and from the dealers.  Famous people including most of the celebrities have vintage chandeliers in their homes. The choices are not limited and you can find them in many places.

Where can you find vintage chandeliers

The best place to find vintage chandeliers is online. Our online store has a large variety of vintage chandeliers. You can easily add elegance to your home or commercial property by installing a vintage chandelier.  You can also try your luck in antique stores and local chandelier shops but they charge high prices for vintage chandeliers.

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