What are glass chandelier shades and what is their appeal

What are glass chandelier shades and what is their appeal

Do you want to add a luxurious touch to your bedroom or make the living room seem more vibrant? Get glass chandelier shades and add a vivacious touch to any room.

glass chandelier shades

Glass Chandelier Shades

Different types of chandelier are used to keep the bulb from glaring and for the purpose of softening the light in a room. They can also be used to change the color of light that the bulb emits.  The shades are available in many materials ranging from silk, yarn metal, glass etc.

Glass chandelier shades

Glass shades of chandelier are the most common type of shades used, their appeal lies in the stylish designs that they are available in. The glass itself is a transparent material which can easily be made opaque by the use of simple glass paints. This allows a greater control over the intensity of light in a room.

Different shapes and styles of glass chandelier shades

Since glass is easily moldable the glass chandelier shades are available in many different shapes and styles. They are available in modern, antiquated, classic or any form might be looking for. If your chandelier frame allows only specific type of shades to be used on it, the chances of you finding a chandelier shade that suits your requirements are quite high. This is because glass can be blown into any shape so when you are searching for a glass chandelier shade you can expect to see a wide variety of shapes unique to its type.

Things to consider when buying glass chandelier shades

The glass chandelier shades can either be frosted or painted. This allows you to decide on the color and intensity of the light. You can buy a strongly frosted shade to give you a dim light for your bed room or a plain glass shade to get the maximum amount of light around a study room. If you buy a painted glass shade it gives you the ability chose between exotic patterns and impresses your guests.

Paint your glass chandelier shade

The painted glass shades also allow you to try out your own patterns. Simply get a glass paint remover and glass paint and then test your creativity. Paint the shade with beautiful color and then let multicolored glow of the lamp fill the room. Unsatisfied by the glow or the design painted, simply reuse the glass paint remover and then paint over the shade until satisfied. Glass itself will rarely get damaged by the use of paint removers thus can even change the shade light and design from season to season.

Maintenance of your glass chandelier shade

Another advantage of glass chandelier shades is that they do not get dirty fast and are easy to clean. Unlike cloth shades they do not get burnt due to the high temperature the material can stand. This factor makes them highly recommended for chandeliers that utilize high intensity bulbs. The dirt collected over the shade can easily be cleaned through washing and any stain over the shade can be removed by glass cleaning liquid. As glass can handle high temperatures, due to this chances of having a fire hazard are removed; if you use a very high intensity bulb and manage to overheat the glass the worst it will do is crack from the heat.

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