What are the top material choices for chandelier shades

What are the top material choices for chandelier shades

chandelier shade material

Chandelier Shade Material

Chandelier shades are used to cover up the bulb of a lamp, do so effectively they must be able to handle the heat released by bulb. For different intensity bulbs a different chandelier shade material is required. So it is important that before you start buying a lamp shade you first check which material suits your needs.

Fabric Chandelier Shades

Fabric is one of the most common chandelier shade material used due to their cheapness and easy availability. These fabrics are mostly used in the making of shades for lower power lamp as they are easily flame able. These types of shades get dirty quite easily and are prone to getting marks over themselves. The fabric used in making shade is mostly linen, silk and other fabrics are also used in making such shades sometimes. Other than simple linen, textured and Heritage linen is also available in the market. Similarly fabric shades are also available with beading. This beading adds to the stylish nature of the shade and makes them even more presentable.

Glass Chandelier Shades

Another famous chandelier shade material is glass. These types of shades are highly resistant to high temperature and are available in many different shapes and styles. They can either be frosted or painted giving the user a chance to decide on what style they want. Similarly they are not as likely to get stains as fabric shades and can be easily cleaned once they get dirty. Glass chandelier shades are highly recommended for long term use.

Metal Chandelier Shades

Metal is also used in the making of shades. This is not a chandelier shade material for the common household. Metal shades are used mostly for the purpose of making an artistic environment. They are also used in outdoor lighting where durability is required, as metal shades are not broken easily. These shades also don’t get dirt stains; still in their case rusting is a possibility.

Mica Chandelier Shades

Mica chandelier shades are also available in the market. Mica chandelier shades are made from refined mica frosted to give a beautiful glow. This chandelier shade material is highly durable, can handle a large amount of heat and is recommended for long term use. Due to their characteristic Mica shades are considerably expensive when compared to other shade in the market. This expensive nature is countered by their longavity.

Feather Chandelier Shades

Want to look exotic, impress your friends and family with feather chandelier shades. Made by using the father of exotic birds such as the peacock this chandelier shade material is used in making luxurious shades for small lamps. Though considerably cheaper these types of shades are not durable and are only used temporarily.

Acrylic glass shades are made from acrylic glass which is a hard transparent plastic. This lamp shade material is considered by people impossible to break. It is noted for its high durability and is recommended for places where the chances of getting damaged are quite high. In such accident prone places it acts as a replacement for glass and provides a transparent substitute for it.

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