What is a Beaded chandelier shade?

What is a Beaded chandelier shade?

Have you ever seen lamp and type of chandeliers with beautiful beads covering it or dangling from its base? These attractive shades are known as beaded chandelier shades.Giving an elegant look to their environment these shades are available in many forms and varieties.

Beaded chandelier shade

Beaded chandelier shade

These shades will not only perform their basic functions well, they will also dazzle any guest that looks at them. Best of all they are easily available online so you will not have to even make the effort of going to a shop.

How to find beaded chandelier shades?

Cheap and exotic looking the main component of the beaded chandelier shades are the beads placed on the shade. These beads come in many sizes and shapes and can compliment any type of environment from modern to rustic. So when you go to a shop to search for beaded chandelier shades you will find shades with diamond shaped beads, circular beads, triangular beads, cylindrical beads and many more. Another thing you will notice in the shop is that the beads used will be in any color imaginable. Some chandelier shades will have brown crystal beads hanging at the bottom of the shade while others will be covered by small pink beads.

This vast variety amongst the shades gives you a free hand to add a bold touch to your room and chose a beaded chandelier shade that will compliment the room’s environment. So if you need a beaded shade for your lounge or your guest room chose an extravagant looking shade with crystal beads or if you need one for your bed room lamp chose a shade with artistically placed beads depicting a picture of the beach or a tree.

Stay in budget and impress your guests with beaded chandelier shades

The major appeal factor of these beaded chandelier shades is that even though they look extravagant they are available cheap. This is due to the low cost of beads. Similarly they are also available in many materials, so if you don’t want beaded cloth shades you can chose beaded leather shades or beaded metal shades etc. This gives the ability to stay in budget and still have a free hand at choosing the shade that you want. So impress your guests at a low price.

Make your own beaded chandelier shade

If you want to be artistic and make your own shades beaded chandelier shades are the choice for you. The beads used in making these shades are widely available in the market. So get your thread a sewing kit and a plain cloth chandelier shade and start using it as a canvas for your imagination. Make patterns matching the shades of your couch or make the shade represent the colors of a rainbow the choice is yours.

If your beaded chandelier shade lost some of its bead you do not have to buy a new beaded shade. You can just buy a matching bead and replace it on the shade saving both time and money. This way you can make long term use of these shades without any embarrassment of it missing a few beads.

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