What is a Tiffany Chandelier

What is a Tiffany Chandelier

A Wonderful Tiffany Chandelier

Chandeliers come in various designs and colors but one line of design that stands apart from others is Tiffany chandeliers. These chandeliers shades feature vibrant glass pieces held together with metal solder. They create a vibrant colorful environment where ever they are installed. These chandeliers are often inspired by the vibrant colors of nature, this is reflective in their decorative designs which are often inspired by outdoors. These chandeliers often feature flowers, leaves, trees, insects and stones.

A Bit of History on Tiffany Chandeliers

Tiffany chandeliers would not have come to fruition had it not been for Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Co. Clara worked as a master designer at Tiffany Studios around 1895 when these chandeliers where introduced. Tiffany Co was in business of interior designing. They used to design and install stain glass windows and doors in their clients homes. Tiffany chandeliers were an evolution of stained glass windows. Tiffany Co didn’t disclose their designer names at that time, so for a long time it was not clear who had created original designs. It wasn’t until 2007 that Driscoll’s decedents came forward with documents proving that Carla was behind most of the Tiffany designs. Tiffany co products were not limited to Chandeliers. They made table lamps and light shades on similar Tiffany designs. These designs were hand crafted at the time, using glass pieces and soldering iron. Master designers made the shapes on original patterns and workers would then cut these shapes out and put them together in a chandelier or table lamp or in another product. Original Tiffany chandelier and lamps were so amazing that their quality and appearance still stands out.

Why They are so Popular?

Tiffany chandelier’s appeal comes from two major attractions that they offer. First their legacy, they have been popular in homes for more than a century. Second their intriguing design captivates people and tends to stand out in a room of any design. Most people describe them as a piece from nature in their living room.

Tiffany Chandeliers Types

Tiffany chandeliers are available in several designs and colors. Most of these designs use colorful things from nature that are capture in glass. Examples of types of things that are on these chandeliers include flowers, birds, insects, leaves, trees, grass etc.

Tiffany chandeliers come in many forms and colors but they can be classified in to following categories:

Flower Cone: These chandeliers have a spherical cone shape and they feature flowers on them. This design is also found frequently in table lamps.

Flowered Globe: These chandeliers are globe shape, often half or more of a sphere. This design often features flowers with long leaves.

Transition to Flowers: This design starts with small shapes from natures, that gradually transition to flowers.

Favrile: This is one of the original types of Tiffany Chandelier designs. It featured iridescent glass with brilliant colors. These colors sparkle from the inside of glass used in chandelier – setting apart from any other type of Tiffany chandelier.

Geometric: These chandeliers are defined by the geometric structure of the shapes and their relationship to other shapes.

Lower Boarder: These chandeliers have a boarder that is different from rest of the design pattern.

Irregular Upper: These chandeliers take their inspiration from nature. They feature designs that show flowers to earth transition, stem to roots etc.

Tiffany Chandeliers Construction

Tiffany chandeliers start as cardboard patterns. These cardboard cutouts are used to cut glass pieces of various colors in desired shapes. Glass pieces cut out from patterns get a copper foil on its edges. This foil edge is glued to the glass. Once all pieces for a chandeliers are ready a rough fit is done to make sure different pieces will come together to form the desired shape.

Glass pieces with copper foil are joined together by soldering. To begin soldering copper foiled edges are dipped in flux, followed by a liberal application of shiny solder. Once the glass pieces are ready it is hooked together with metal frame and light bulbs. Most Tiffany Chandeliers are handmade, giving a unique look and feel to every chandelier. At the end of every construction, these lamps are cleaned and nicely packed for sale at lighting shops.

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